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Boiler Breakdown Cover Available For Domestic Customers

Boiler Breakdowns always happen at the most inconvenient times. To make things worse, emergency breakdowns can be expensive. Call out fees apply as well as the cost of the work and parts. A replacement PCB can cost up to £300, a replacement fan can cost up to £300 and a repleacement pump can cost up to £250. That’s why we offer a life line. You can rest assured that with our boiler breakdown cover, you will only ever have to pay your monthly fee. You get an annual boiler safety check and in the event of a breakdown we will come out, fix the issue and leave without asking for a penny. Although cups of coffee are always welcomed.

We offer three simple cover options. Feel free to explore below or get in touch to discuss your cover further.
Terms and conditions do apply. Cover is subject to a review of your heating system and related pipework.

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Pack 1

Boiler and Controls
(E.g Pump, Timer, Motorised Valve)

£10 per month

Pack 2

The same as Pack 1 with all Radiators and Valves included

£15 per month

Pack 3

The same as Packs 1 and 2 plus all Internal Pipework. Hot, cold and Gas Pipes

£20 per month